The Power of Science

The power of science is our strength. State-of-the-art chemistry helps us produce innovative, top quality fertilisers.

We cooperate with renowned research institutes, scientific institutes and international concerns. This fruitful cooperation has yielded some major achievements, such as the innovative ‘Fertilisers 2.0’, the biodegradable chelating agent IDHA and the chelating agent HBED.
We support the activity of the European Commission’s Fertiliser Product Regulation Working Group and actively participate in the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN). We are a member of IFA.
We partner with international research projects such as COSTS. We actively participate in national and international technical and agronomical symposia and scientific congresses.
We contribute our unique knowledge and experience to solving global human malnutrition problems. We support biofortification projects aimed at providing people with adequate daily micronutrient intake and we participate in the ‘Harvest Zinc’ Project.
We continually improve our production processes, thereby filing and acquiring technological patents. We have been granted over 20 such patents so far, and an additional ten are underway. Further ones are at earlier stages.
We own modern, excellently equipped laboratories and an R&D centre. Our team of over 20 highly qualified specialists are continuously developing new products and optimising the effectiveness of fertilisers in order to enhance the genetic potential of important crop plants.