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Application of chelated micronutrients has proven to be a highly effective way to increase crop yields and their quality. ADOB® belongs to a handful of companies worldwide leading the way in this field. Our innovative micronutrient fertilisers are based on the in-house production of IDHA and HBED chelating agents and the use of high quality EDTA and DTPA chelating agents.

The Power of Science

We have our own research and development centre, equipped with modern, excellently furnished laboratories and highly professional R&D staff. We also cooperate with renowned research institutions, scientific centres and international corporations. Through these state-of-the-art resources and close collaborations, we continually improve our production processes. With over 20 patents granted to us so far and more underway, we lead the way in producing innovative fertilisers of superior quality and effectiveness.

Nutrition Programs

Our deep knowhow extends to plant physiology as well as plant nutrition. Our expert agronomists have produced a very rich database of optimal nutrition programs for hundreds of agricultural and horticultural crop species. We apply FAO’s “4R” principles by advising growers on all five continents on the Right source, Right rate, Right time and Right placing of fertilisers. Our advice has helped customers worldwide achieve markedly increased yields and considerably better quality.


IDHA and HBED are chelating agents that exemplify our scientific knowhow, passion for innovation and commitment to improving people’s environments. Our patented HBED is the most stable and effective chelating agent within agriculture; fertilisers chelated with this agent can be applied successfully at very high pH levels. All isomers in the ADOB® and Bayer patented IDHA are fully biodegradable; this makes it the only environmentally-friendly synthetic chelating agent on the market.


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