Fertilisers 2.0

The Fertiliser 2.0 series is a new generation of fertilisers, specifically developed for highly effective foliar feeding of plants. These products, termed Basfoliar 2.0 and ADOB 2.0, were created thanks to the close cooperation between ADOB® , Sabanci Üniversitesi in Turkey and Madrid-based Universidad Autónoma. Their chelating agent is ADOB®’s IDHA- patented biodegradable compound.

Based on the sophisticated 2.0 technology, these fertilisers have unique technical features. The most important are:

  • The low surface tension of the solution, which flattens the sprayed drops and significantly increases their leaf wetting area.
  • The leaf is wetted completely and evenly.
  • The drops do not move after landing on the leaf.

This improved coverage increases nutrient uptake greatly. It also means the fertiliser is more cost effective.

Fertiliser 2.0 – flat drops of fertiliser, uniform and complete coverage of the leaf lamina

Sulphate: maize


Sulphate: rapseed

Basfoliar® 2.0 36 Extra

Standard, conventional fertiliser. Its aqueous solution has high surface tension, resulting in low contact area with the leaf and a low uptake rate.

Fertiliser 2.0 series. Fully soluble fertilisers, adapted specifically for cutting-edge effective foliar feeding due to ultra-low surface tension, high contact area with the leaf and a very high uptake rate.

Fertilisers 2.0 – characteristics


Improved spray solution features


Markedly reduced surface tension


Decreased wetting angle, leading to flattened drops


Complete and more even coverage of the leaves


Increased uptake rate and speed


Greater availability of nutrients to the plants


Chelated by ADOB®’s biodegradable IDHA chelating agent (except for ADOB® 2.0 Mo and ADOB® 2.0 Mn)



Fertilisers 2.0 – innovative, effective and safe

The high surface tension of standard fertilisers’ drops produces a high wetting angle and spherical drops

The low surface tension of Fertiliser 2.0’s drop produces a low wetting angle and a flat drop