ADOB Cu IDHA – 10%


ADOB® Cu IDHA – 10% is a specialty fertiliser specifically designed to supply plants with highly available copper cations. Owing to a patented production process, ADOB® Cu IDHA – 10% is characterised by several unique properties. IDHA is a state-of-the-art, fully biodegradable chelating agent (75% degradation within 28 days), a trait which makes it the only environmentally-friendly synthetically-produced chelating agent on the market. The entire concentration of copper in the product (10% w/w) is 100% chelated by IDHA, making it comletely effective and fully available to plants. The fertiliser is formulated as fully water-soluble, free-flowing micro-granules without any impurities or dust. Due to the “raspberry” shape of the microgranules, the product is not hygroscopic and is self-soluble with no mixing required. The solubility of the product is 750g/l at 20oC.

ADOB® Cu IDHA – 10% serves as an effective source of copper. It is mainly recommended for foliar application, especially for fruits and vegetables, since its biodegradability means no residues on the produce we consume. The product can also be used in fertigation and hydroponics at moderate pH conditions. It is recommended for preventive and corrective fertilisation in all agricultural and horticultural crops.

Copper functions as a highly active element in redox reactions, participating in photosynthesis, respiration, carbon and nitrogen metabolism and in protection against oxidative stresses. It is a crucial factor in the appropriate lignification process of cell walls (especially the xylem vessels throughout the plant), as well as in pollen formation and in seed-set. ADOB® Cu IDHA – 10% ensures the quick correction of copper deficiency and treats the physiological disorders it causes (such as reduced redox activities, distortion of young leaves, bending and twisting of stems and twigs, impaired flower and fruit formation, pollen sterility, and reduced seed-set).

ADOB® Cu IDHA – 10% is allowed to be applied in ecological agriculture. Certificate numer – NE/563/2021.

ADOB Cu IDHA - 10%
Ecological agriculture

Packaging: 1, 3, 5, 25, 1000 kg



IDHA chelated






100% chelated Cu


preventive and corrective effect

fast and efficient Cu uptake


improved stress tolerance

CE fertiliser


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[% w/w]
CopperCu10.0chelated by IDHA

Stability of the chelated fraction guaranteed at pH range 4-9.