ADOB Magboron


ADOB® Magboron is a specialty fertiliser with high concentrations of nitrogen (N; 10.8%), magnesium (MgO; 15.5%) and boron (B; 0.2%). Owing to a patented production process, ADOB® Magboron is characterised by several unique properties. The solubility of the product is 2.3kg/l at 20oC and its rapid and complete dissolution in water makes the nutrients quickly available to plants. The high solubility also makes it very convenient for growers to produce highly concentrated stock solutions for fertigation and hydroponics. The fertiliser is formulated as fully water-soluble, free-flowing flakes without any impurities. As a result of relatively low hygroscopicity, there is no risk of caking.

ADOB® Magboron is an effective source of magnesium, nitrate-nitrogen and boron and the product is mainly recommended for foliar application, hydroponics and fertigation. Furthermore, the product can serve as an ideal raw material for production of compound multinutrient fertilisers. The high concentration of nutrients in this fertiliser meets the needs of even the most demanding plants. It is recommended for preventive and corrective fertilisation of all crops.

ADOB® Magboron enables quick and effective fertilisation of plants with macro-, secondary- and micro- nutrients. Nitrogen is the main building block of proteins; it therefore plays a crucial role in plants’ vegetative growth and impacts yield productivity. The nitrate (NO3) form of nitrogen in this product ensures its fast uptake by plants, resulting in quick deficiency correction. Magnesium is a central component of the chlorophyll molecule; as a result, it is essential for optimal photosynthesis. It also enhances the catalytic activity of many enzymes by establishing a precise geometry between the enzyme and its substrate.

Over 90% of boron in the plant is present in its cell walls, where it plays major structural and physiological roles. Other crucial functions take place in cell membranes during cell division and elongation. Boron’s importance in plant meristems and in rapidly expanding cells impacts various reproductive processes (i.e. pollen tube germination, viability and elongation, producing fruits and grain, improvements in seed-set, fruit-set, fruit maturation and ripening). Appropriate boron nutrition has remarkable benefits for growers in terms of yield increase and the consistency of typical produce appearance.

ADOB® Magboron is an effective product for correcting nitrogen, magnesium and boron deficiencies and treating the physiological disorders that they cause.

ADOB Magboron

Packaging: 25, 1000 kg



EC fertiliser


fast and efficient N uptake


outstanding quality


fast dissolution and complete solubility


preventive and corrective effect




increased yields and improved yield quality


contains nitrogen, magnesium and boron


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[% w/w]
Total nitrogenN10.8
– nitrate nitrogenN-NO310.8
Magnesium oxideMgO15.5soluble in water
BoronB0.2soluble in water