ADOB Mn DTPA – 3.5%


ADOB® Mn DTPA – 3.5% is a specialty fertiliser, specifically designed to supply plants with highly available manganese cations at slightly higher pH conditions (6.5-7.5). Owing to a patented production process, ADOB® Mn DTPA – 3.5% is characterised by several unique properties. The entire concentration of manganese in the product (3.5% w/w) is 100% chelated by DTPA, making it completely effective and fully available to plants. ADOB® Mn DTPA – 3.5% is formulated as a stable, ready-to-use and high-purity aqueous solution, which makes it very convenient for growers to produce working solutions with. The higher stability of the product makes manganese available to plants in areas with high calcium concentration in soils and ground waters, where the efficacy of competitive products is usually limited. This product serves as an effective source of manganese when applied directly to the soil and when applied through fertigation or hydroponics. It is recommended for preventive and corrective fertilisation in all agricultural and horticultural crops.

Manganese deficiency is common in plants growing in soils derived from parent material inherently low in manganese, as well as in highly leached tropical soils. Manganese acts as a cofactor, activating about 35 different plant enzymes. The majority of these enzymes catalyse redox, decarboxylation and hydrolytic reactions. Manganese plays a primary role in the tricarboxylic acid cycle (TCA), as well as in oxidative and non-oxidative decarboxylation reactions. Mn2+ is a structural part of three enzymes, one of which is the superoxide dismutase (MnSOD). MnSOD protects tissues from the deleterious effect of the oxygen radical O2 that is formed in various enzymatic reactions.

Major manganese deficiency symptoms include interveinal chlorosis of younger leaves in dicots and greenish-grey spots on the older leaves of cereals. Other symptoms include inhibition of root growth, complete cessation of lateral root formation, reduced oil concentration in seeds and reduced lignin concentration in roots (which in turn reduces plants’ resistance to root-infecting pathogens). ADOB® Mn DTPA – 3.5% ensures quick correction of manganese deficiency and treats the above-mentioned physiological disorders.

ADOB Mn DTPA – 3.5%

Packaging: 20, 1000 l



liquid fertiliser


preventive and corrective effect


fast and efficient Mn uptake


enhanced photosynthesis


100% chelated Mn


increased yields and improved yield quality


DTPA chelated

CE fertiliser


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[% w/w]
[% w/v]
ManganeseMn3.54.6246.2chelated by DTPA

Contains nitrogen (N).
Stability of the chelated fraction guaranteed at pH range 4-8.