Basfoliar 2.0 6-12-6


Basfoliar® 2.0 6-12-6 is a multinutrient, multifunctional liquid fertiliser for the foliar fertilisation of arable, vegetable, floriculture and orchard crops. It supplies plants with essential nutrients and ensures the optimal development of their aboveground parts. Thanks to its high phosphorus content, it stimulates root growth and flowering. It is an N-P-K fertiliser enriched with phosphorus (P) and all six micronutrients: boron (B), copper (Cu), iron (Fe), molybdenum (Mo), manganese (Mn) and zinc (Zn).

All micronutrients (except boron and molybdenum) are chelated by the modern, biodegradable IDHA agent, while boron and molybdenum (which cannot be chelated) are present as water-soluble, inorganic components. This ensures that nutrients are readily and quickly available to all crop plants. The innovative “Technology 2.0” enhances the uptake of nutrients by plant leaves and increases the effectiveness of the fertiliser activity.

Basfoliar® 2.0 6-12-6 significantly enhances the development of all plant parts, boosts their vigour and improves their health. It prevents nutrient deficiencies, especially in occasional unfavourable weather conditions such as cold, excessive rainfall or drought events. It also increases plant resistance to diseases and pests.

Basfoliar 2.0 6-12-6
Market: Poland only
Packaging: 20, 1000 l



IDHA chelated


100% chelation of micronutrients




technology 2.0


NPK fertiliser + micro


outstanding quality


wide-ranging nutrition

CE fertiliser


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[% w/w]
[% w/v]
Total nitrogen N6.07.272.0
– nitrate nitrogenN-NO31.01.212.0
– ammonium nitrogenN-NH43.54.242.0
– urea nitrogenN-NH21.51.818.0
Phosphorus pentoxideP2O512.014.4144.0soluble in a neutral-pH solution of ammonium citrate and water
Potassium oxideK2O6.07.272.0soluble in water
BoronB0.010.0120.12soluble in water
CopperCu0.010.0120.12chelated by IDHA
IronFe0.020.0240.24chelated by IDHA
ManganeseMn0.010.0120.12chelated by IDHA
MolybdenumMo0.0050.0060.06soluble in water
ZincZn0.050.060.6chelated by IDHA

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CropsNumber of applications per seasonCrop phenological stageBBCH stage
Product application rate
Spray solution application rate
Arable crops
Cereals1-24-8 leaves14-185200-300
Rapeseed2-34-8 leaves14-185
stem growth30-395
Maize1-24-6 leaves14-165
6-8 leaves16-185
Potatoes2inter-row closure31-395
tuber formation40-495
Sugar beets24-6 leaves14-165
inter-row closure32-395
Soybean1inflorescence emergence and flowering51-695
Legumes2stem elongation30-395
pod and seed development70-795
Vegetable crops
Bulb vegetables
e.g. onion, leek
2-3leaf development13-154-6300-500
leaf development16-194-6
development of harvestable vegetative plant parts41-454-6
e.g. pumpkin, zucchini, cucumber
leaf development13-154-6
leaf development16-194-6
formation of side shoots, inflorescence emergence21-594-6
Brassica plants
e.g. cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli
2-3leaf development14-194-6
rosette growth31-394-6
development of harvestable vegetative plant parts41-454-6
Root vegetables
e.g. carrot, celery, beet
leaf development14-164-6
leaf development17-194-6
development of harvestable vegetative plant parts41-454-6
Leaf vegetables
e.g. lettuce, spinach
2-3leaf development11-134-6
leaf development14-194-6
development of harvestable vegetative plant parts41-454-6
e.g. tomato, pepper, early potato
leaf development and formation of side shoots16-294-6
inflorescence emergence and flowering51-694-6
fruit development71-794-6
e.g. bean, pea
leaf development13-154-6
leaf development16-194-6
development of side shoots and the main shoot21-394-6
Orchard crops
Stone-fruit trees
e.g. sour cherry, sweet cherry
3-4green bud554-9
white bud57-594-9
fruit development72-794-9
Pome trees
e.g. apple, pear
4-5green bud 564-9
pink/white bud573-6
until June fall of buds71-733-6
fruit development74-794-9
Soft fruits
e.g. strawberry, blueberry
2-3inflorescence emergence55-594-9300-500
fruit development71-794-9
Plant Nursery2-3intensive growthconcentration 0.25% - 0.3%