European Funds

Fundusze europejskie

Creation of a Research and Development Centre for optimising the efficiency of fertilisation in order to strengthen the potential of plant production.

Objectives of the project: Establishment of a Research and Development Centre and purchase of research equipment enabling analysis of physicochemical parameters, development of prototypes and technologies for drying microelement fertilisers.

Beneficiary: Manufacturing and Consulting Company ADOB® Ltd L.P.

Project description: Owing to the EU funding under POIR and the use of expected results of research and development works to achieve optimisation of fertilisation efficiency, the project aims to develop prototypes of micronutrient fertilisers containing copper, zinc, iron and manganese chelated with a biodegradable agent containing surfactants, obtained using the new technology of drying the above mentioned products in liquid form while maintaining their efficiency and biological properties. An R&D centre will be created under the project, and a research laboratory will be equipped, allowing for the analysis of physicochemical parameters of the implemented micronutrient fertilisers containing a surfactant or a mixture of surfactants.

Project value: PLN 13,756,566.00

The contribution of the European Funds: PLN 3,914,470.00