Starter Fertilisation

Starter fertilisation of plants significantly supports plant emergence and development, especially under unfavourable environmental conditions.

Application of starter fertilisers

Starter fertilisation is carried out at the same time as sowing the plants, by seeders equipped with fertiliser applicators. They are applied directly into a seed row, close to seeds or potato tubers. The composition of starter fertilisers is carefully selected to ensure optimal plant emergence and development in their early stages.

Benefits of starter plant fertilisation


Plants enjoy essential macro- and micro-nutrients early on.


Improved mineral nutrition enhances plant emergence, especially under challenging conditions.


Significant increase in resistance to abiotic stresses (e.g. frost, drought, late sowing, soil crusting) and towards pathogens and pests.


Enhanced physiological processes in the early developmental stages of the plants.


Earlier development of the root system and of plant tillering.


Improved realization of plants’ genetic potential and increased yields.

What makes ADOB® Microstarter fertilisers unique?


Patented production technology, starting with liquid components and ending with simultaneous spray-drying and microgranulation.


High quality raw materials used to produce chelates.


Fast and complete solubility ensures that nutrients reach plants shortly after being applied, even under low soil moisture.


Strict customisation of the fertilisers to their target crops boosts plants’ growth, enhancing their development at later as well as earlier stages.


The chelated form of the micronutrients make them fully available to plants, regardless of soil pH, salinity or excessive soil phosphates.


ADOB® is the only supplier of starter fertilisers with chelated manganese.

We hereby proudly present our starter fertilisation products